BIBL 323 Reading Report

Liberty BIBL 323 Reading Report Answers

Part of your grade for this course will be the reading that you complete. Throughout the course, you must read the Gospel of John twice, the assigned Towns and Morris textbook readings, and at least 75 pages of additional reading. The Bible readings in each module will ensure that you read all of John once; you will have to read it again at your own pace. Also, you must follow these specifications when choosing your source(s) for your additional reading:

  • The source(s) must relate to the subject of the papers or Group Discussion Board forums.
  • The source(s) must not be the textbooks or the Bible.
  • You can only use two internet sources.

Consult the Bibliography as well as the Library to find possible sources for the additional reading. Feel free to look in the textbooks to find cited books and other materials, which you can then locate and read for yourself. Here are a few websites you can use to find additional reading sources:

The Reading Report Form (attached above) contains three questions about your reading of John and the Towns and Morris textbooks as well as a chart where you will log your additional reading. Download the form and fill out the chart as you complete the additional reading; then before the end of the course, answer the three questions.

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