RLGN 301 Quiz 3

RLGN 301 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. True or False. To be successful using a terms-based search, you must know ______________.
  2. Which of the following is NOT something that research reading requires you to understand?
  3. When you _______ you should alter the author’s words, but not his/her ideas or thoughts.
  4. True or False. As you find relevant sources, you should pay attention to the subject headings and call numbers for these sources as they can help you to narrow your search terms and locations.
  5. What type of catalog does the Jerry Falwell Library use?
  6. True or False. Using quotation marks around a complete phrase promotes a more precise result.
  7. True or False. Each record of your note taking should clearly include the source from which the material was quoted or summarized.
  8. To record impressions or ideas that occur to you while researching, you should use ______.
  9. Card catalogs are usually grouped by _________.
  10. True or False. When using a direct quote, you should correct any errors you find in the quotation.
  11. What does the word “holdings” refer to?
  12. Who said the following: “some books should be tasted, other swallowed; only a few might be chewed and digested”?
  13. True or False. Because of the rapid development of digital resources, the library has become antiquated and irrelevant for research.
  14. True or False. Periodical literature is rarely important for scholarly research.
  15. __________ catalogs have become the norm for academic libraries.
  16. True or False. Reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, and concordances are useful in the initial search for information.
  17. True or False. The resources in the library have been handpicked by experts to support your coursework.
  18. What is the cornerstone of research?
  19. What are the two categories of note-taking?
  20. What should you do if you find a resource that is not immediately available online or in the library?
  21. What word best describes this definition: “attached letters separated by encoded blank spaces”?
  22. Who primarily funds the library resources?
  23. A reasonable goal for the results of a terms-based search is _____________.
  24. For a _______ the card must say exactly what the source said with exactly the same spelling and punctuation.
  25. What is the traditional beginning point of research inquiry?


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