RLGN 301 Quiz 4

RLGN 301 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Research papers should use what form of language?
  2. Coherence is concerned with ___________.
  3. True or False. You should avoid exclamation marks in research papers.
  4. When referring to a past event, what tense should be used?
  5. The _________ gives the clear report of the findings.
  6. When referring to the stated views and beliefs of past or present writers, what tense should be used?
  7. True or False. A paragraph should be focused on one topic.
  8. Which of the following represents colloquial language?
  9. The _________ sets the stage, preparing the reader to understand the purpose, nature, and direction of the paper.
  10. “Meanwhile” is an example of what kind of term?
  11. Which of the following represents modest and tentative language?
  12. True or False. It is important to use simple, concise, and clear language when writing a research paper.
  13. True or False. When writing a research paper, you should use the kind of language you would use for a sermon.
  14. One device that fosters unity in a paragraph is a _________.
  15. Which of the following represents passive voice?
  16. “Consequently” is an example of what kind of term?
  17. What is the smallest unit of a paper?
  18. True or False. As a general rule of thumb, a paragraph should be completely visible on the computer screen without scrolling if it is the correct length.
  19. True or false. Passive voices makes sentences cumbersome for the reader.
  20. True or False. It is desirable to use “the researcher” or “the writer” instead of using the first person perspective.
  21. True or False. Research language is modest and tentative rather than dogmatic.
  22. The ___________ states the main idea of the paragraph.
  23. Which of the following terms does NOT represent a dogmatic term?
  24. True or False. A research paper will contain contracted forms of words such as can’t, wouldn’t, and shouldn’t.
  25. True or False. The first person perspective is generally the perspective used in research papers.
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