PSYC 645 Quiz 7 Internalizing Disorders

PSYC 645 Quiz 7: Internalizing Disorders

Covers the Learn material from Module 7: Week 7

  1. Schwiesow, a clinical psychologist, is utilizing cognitive- behavioral therapy with a young client diagnosed with OCD. As a part of this therapy, she is encouraging her patient to spend time in a bathroom without washing her hands. This is most likely which part of CBT?
  2. In order to better understand the prevalence of anxiety disorders, researchers should consider which of the following factors?
  3. Six-year-old Hayley is afraid of being alone at night, doesn’t like to be separated from her parents for long periods of time, hates thunder storms, and is afraid of witches who are “out to get her.” What should Hayley’s parents know about Hayley’s fears?
  4. Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the use of medication to treat anxiety disorders?
  5. One of the concerns associated with treating a child with frequent somatic symptoms that are psychologically based is that over time the child may
  6. A child who experiences hypervigilance with a tendency to associate normal body sensations to something dangerous might be described as exhibiting which of the following?
  7. A child who is afraid of dogs, goes out of their way to avoid dogs in the neighborhood, and avoids looking at pictures of dogs in books may be developing which of the following?
  8. Isabella thinks a lot about what would happen to her if her parents were to die in a car accident. This is an example of what type of anxiety?
  9. Young Angela frequently thinks about her baby brother’s well being and believes she see him falling down the basement stairs which causes her to feel very anxious. Angela’s anxiety could be described as which of the following?
  10. Pedro is being taught to think about his panic attacks as temporary and events over which he has control. This is an example of which therapeutic technique?
  11. Symptom dimensions associated with OCD include all of the following EXCEPT:
  12. One of the important tasks of assessment and diagnosis of an anxiety disorder is to determine whether symptoms reflect which type of adjustment?
  13. The tripartite model of anxiety and depression includes all of the following concepts EXCEPT:
  14. Tyler reports to the school psychologist that he has visions that he is a super power who spends his evenings protecting his pack from alien invaders. This symptom is referred to as
  15. Children who were exposed to maternal depression before the age of 12 have been shown to be at greater risk of developing depression in adolescence. This is based on a series of events related to self-worth, family environment and stressful events and is known as the _____ model of depression.
  16. Suicidality is an overarching term that includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  17. Research would support the fact that children who are diagnosed with a mood disorder are:
  18. The “window of opportunity” for adolescents who are at risk for developing substance use and abuse as a result of major depression indicates that:
  19. When considering a diagnosis of a depressive disorder, clinicians must consider all EXCEPT which of the following dimensions related to symptoms?
  20. Williams is lecturing to his psychology class about bipolar disorder in children. Which of these points is he most likely to include in his lecture?
  21. Mendez treats children with mood disorders. If she wants to choose the most effective treatment, she is likely to use which type of treatment?
  22. Which of the following is the correct progression from least to most severe with respect to symptoms and impairment?
  23. Which of the following disorders has been replaced by persistent depressive disorder?
  24. Which of the following trajectories has been found to more common in girls?
  25. Aedan is a 9-year-old who displays frequent temper tantrums lasting up to two hours, results in him breaking his toys, and frequently prevents him from going to school. Which of the following statements is most likely true about Aedan?
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