EDUC 604 Quiz Historical Development

EDUC 604 Quiz: Historical Development and Philosophical Roots of Education

  1. When Thomas Jefferson tried to establish public education in Virginia, his primary purpose was to
  2. The educational efforts of people such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Noah Webster most directly culminated in which of the following?
  3. The Committee of Ten recommended that high-school programs emphasize
  4. Which of the following terms is closest in meaning to the intended outcomes of the late-nineteenth-century “Americanization” approach to educating immigrants?
  5. Schools in New England were designed to contribute to a person’s
  6. Matthew is the twelve-year-old son of a successful businessman in colonial New England. Which of the following schools is he most likely to attend?
  7. The “Old Deluder Satan” Act was important because it
  8. Because of their acceptance of the child depravity theory, colonial teachers
  9. Which group tended to have the greatest access to educational opportunities in colonial America?
  10. Thomas Jefferson’s Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge is an important benchmark in the history of public education because it
  11. The Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education report was significant for high schools because it represented a shift from
  12. The G.I. Bill of 1944
  13. Which of the following pre-1800 ideas about education in America was most prominent in the educational reforms that accompanied the common school?
  14. Junior high schools emerged as a result of
  15. The ___________ recreated the socioeconomic class-based dual track school systems.
  16. focuses on the knowledge of knowing and what we base our knowledge of the world on.
  17. Teachers who use critical theory select instructional activities that enable students to
  18. Which of the following groups of terms best describes the philosophy of idealism?
  19. Which educational theory views education as part of a larger effort to reform American society and politics?
  20. Progressive educators stress that all learning should center on
  21. Perennialists maintain that the effect of cultural relativism is
  22. Mortimer Adler’s Paideia Proposal advocated
  23. Who developed the concept of realism, which asserts that reality is outside of our minds?
  24. The philosophy of realism would suggest
  25. Axiology is focused on appropriate and inappropriate behavior and evaluates what subdivision(s)?
  26. Lisa, who teaches literature, almost never uses contemporary fiction in her class. Instead, she emphasizes classics. She believes that because these works have stood the test of time, they help teach important ideas vital to anyone living in any era. Which of the following is most closely related to Lisa’s beliefs?
  27. The philosophy that would support a subject-matter curriculum emphasizing the great and enduring ideas is
  28. Karen sees the world and everything in it as a laboratory for learning. She believes her students learn best when she poses problems they have to solve by interacting with a real-world setting. Which of the following views is closest to Karen’s beliefs?
  29. The process of problem solving is stressed in
  30. For the existentialist educator, values are
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