CJUS 361 Final Exam

Liberty CJUS 361 Final Exam Answers

  1. No photos that have had enhancements will be excepted into court as evidence?
  2. In crime scene measurements a difference of a 1⁄4 inch makes little difference in the final crime scene diagram, however if you are 10 feet off it can make a potential difference adversely impacting a case.
  3. When photographing a traffic accident, the surrounding areas is as important to photograph as the point of impact. This is because?
  4. When photographing injuries that are on or near “private parts” you should make ever attempt to?
  5. In a photo identifier you should always include?
  6. Which of the following is referred to as the Cardinal Rules of Forensic Photography?
  7. When testifying about using photogrammetry an attorney may try to?
  8. When is fill in flash used?
  9. Which of the following directly affects the depth of field range?
  10. In order for photographs to be entered into court as evidence they must be relevant and
  11. Photogrammetry is the process of?
  12. When using Photoshop to rotate images what happens to the pixel values?
  13. Digital clarifications are never allowed into court?
  14. When making enhancements to photos you must
  15. Depth of field can be controlled by:
  16. The primary goal for the use of photographs in the courtroom is to
  17. A faster shutter speed can help compensate for motion?
  18. In Forensic Photography having a properly exposed photograph is always the only way to capture information.
  19. When photographing the vehicle involved in an accident safety equipment should be photographed when?
  20. The documentation of individual items of evidence includes what?
  21. Human bite marks can sometimes be matched to a suspect’s teeth. Who would make such a match?
  22. What are the three problems associated with camera lenses?
  23. What shutter speed is used when painting with light?
  24. What is the “rule of thirds” referring to?
  25. The meaning of the word “photography” is defined as with
  26. One way to overcome the skepticism that exists regarding digital images is to:
  27. In any good Crime Scene Photo it is important to have which aspects in your foundation and understanding of photography?
  28. What does the shutter speed of 1/125 mean?
  29. Overall photographs should be taken
  30. Which of the following is NOT one of the golden rules of digital enhancement?
  31. Photogrammetry requires which of the following?
  32. is a technique to maximize depth of field?
  33. An overexposed photograph will appear
  34. True or False: Auto focusing always produces in focus photographs?
  35. When photographing evidence, several photos should be taken including a photo with a
  36. is the ability of the camera system to distinctly record two separate but adjacent elements of an image.
  37. When testifying about photographs someone will have to declare that a photo is an athentic and a(n) __________ representation of a scene?
  38. Photogrammetry is more accurate then traditional measuring techniques?
  39. is a chemical that can be used to show and photograph blood, even after and attempt has been made to clean it up?
  40. Which of the following listed is the largest aperture opening, allowing the most light?
  41. In order to adequately document a crime scene which of the following must be done?
  42. When photos appear gory or gruesome a ____________ photo may be offered if the judge rejects the original photo?
  43. When photographing a crime scene it is essential to?
  44. In general hard shadows ____________ and soft shadows _____________?
  45. No matter what the scene the first priority should be?
  46. One of the most important aspects related to taking good quality crime scene photos could be considered:
  47. A Professional Crime Scene Photographer will only use a digital SLR camera?
  48. Exposure is directly impacted by:
  49. According to the Rules of Evidence, processed digital images may be used if
  50. The ability to create 3D objects and view them from any perspective is referred to as?
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