CJUS 360 Exam 1

Liberty CJUS 360 Exam 1 Answers

  1. Which of the following can be determined by a Forensic Anthropologist examining skeletal remains?
  2. All of the following are examples of evidence which could potentially yield a direct physical match, with the exception of:
  3. In forensic science the term “individualization” refers to:
  4. Which of the following would be the first step in the processing of physical evidence?
  5. A blood droplet striking a non‐absorbent smooth surface at an 80 degree angle of incidence would form a bloodstain with the following shape:
  6. The forensic laboratory report can prove to be of considerable value to the legal system, even if a case never goes to trial, by facilitating:
  7. Gun shot residue particles are very small and generally do not travel distances that are greater than:
  8. An object falling through space by the force of gravity reaches a terminal velocity speed of:
  9. Modus operandi refers to:
  10. Which of the following evidence collection procedures is considered to be the method of “last resort”?
  11. Which of the following would not be considered as a manner of death?
  12. Which of the following computer databases would you search if you had images of a fired bullet?
  13. Documentation includes:
  14. In the case of Frye v. United States, the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals set forth guidelines for:
  15. A “V” shaped pattern is typically associated with:
  16. The depth of field is inversely related to the f‐stop setting. As the f‐stop number increases, the depth of field decreases.
  17. Which of the following acronyms refers to a computer database of fingerprints?
  18. A shoeprint on a dusty concrete floor would be an example of an indentation mark.
  19. The “3R Rule” relates to what type of pattern evidence?
  20. Forensic Science differs from the traditional sciences because the results of physical evidence examination are:
  21. Which of the following acronyms refers to a computer database of DNA profiles?
  22. Which of the following containers is most appropriate for packaging a damp rag from a murder scene?
  23. When taking photographs of crime scene evidence, dimensional information is indicated by the use of:
  24. A fracture match is also known as:
  25. The examination of radial and tangential fracture lines on glass that has been struck by two projectiles in sequence can provide the following information.
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