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Topic – American Exceptionalism: Overview

Overview: The portfolio assignment is meant to provide a summary of the key ideas and challenges associated with American Exceptionalism. From each module of the class, you will be asked to summarize key ideas and solutions to challenges facing America and American Exceptionalism.

  • Structure:
    • Part 1: Defining American Exceptionalism
    • Part 2: Discussing the importance of American Exceptionalism
    • Part 3: “Challenges and Solutions”—one section each for: 1) faith and political action; 2) education; 3) social issues; 4) racism; and 5) foreign policy issues
  • Length: At least one page per section, and no more than two pages per section; hence 7–14 pages, not counting title page, abstract or bibliography.
  • Sources/Citations: 15–20 sources are required, which can include required reading.
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