CJUS 361 Quiz 4

Liberty CJUS 361 Quiz 4 Answers

  1. The documentation of individual items begins with _____________?
  2. What are the three primary types of perishable evidence?
  3. When photographing evidence several photos should be taken including a photo with a
  4. Overall photographs should be taken
  5. A photo log can be used to improve photographer’s photos at a later date?
  6. All photographs taken must be on the photo memo sheet except the photo identifier?
  7. The first close up photo should be taken with the evidence
  8. No matter what the scene the first priority should be?
  9. When photographing the vehicle involved in an accident safety equipment should be photographed when?
  10. Normally four views should be photographed of each tire mark?
  11. In an outdoor crime scene, overall photos should
  12. What light source is considered to be the sole light source in aerial photography?
  13. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the photo memo sheet?
  14. A faster shutter speed can help compensate for motion?
  15. Because crime scene photos are frequently used as evidence they are also frequently
  16. In a photo identifier you should always include?
  17. When photographing a traffic accident, the surrounding areas is as important to photograph as the point of impact. This is because?
  18. When photographing a body it is critical to photograph the face
  19. When you are starting to photograph a scene you should begin with a
  20. When photographing injuries that are on or near “private parts” you should make ever attempt to?
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