CJUS 361 Mini Research Paper

You will be writing a short Research Paper. The purpose of the Research Paper is to allow you to learn more about forensic photography and its importance to criminal investigations. You will research the history and development of forensic photography and its current practices. As part of your research, you will also include one sentence explaining how a Christian Ethic can provide a foundation for forensic photography.


This paper will allow you to expand on your research abilities and exercise writing skills.


The paper should be 1  page in length (excluding references, tables and figures, if applicable). The research topic should be covered fully and be supported by two (2) scholarly references to include peer-reviewed journals. All referenced material should be cited in accordance with APA format.


This paper will be double-spaced with standard APA margins. You will use headings and subheadings as appropriate and will be subject to point reductions for grammar and spelling errors.

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