CJUS 380 Position Paper Part 2

The purpose of this paper is to rebut your position in Position Paper 1. You must convince the readers that the evidence and findings of Position Paper 1 are wrong. As such, the information provided must be based on a strong foundation of facts with evidence from credible academic and scholarly sources. Remember, peer-reviewed articles are best. ALSO, by now you should have a firm grip on the difference between a supportable conclusion, and mere opinion.   Mere opinion will cost you a lot of points.

It is REALLY helpful to the instructor if, when rebutting something you said in Part I, you actually quote yourself (previous statement) and perhaps even note the evidence that supported that assertion, THEN rebut that statement/assertion by presenting either countrary evidence, or by redefining or expounding upon the weaknesses of that prior evidence.  That kind of format is very helpful to the reader in evaluating the weight of your argument/counter-argument.

Any of the references used in Position Paper 1 may be used again, however 3 new references are required. In addition, the textbook (chapters 9–13) must be used as a reference to cite at least 1 countering argument to Position Paper 1. The paper should follow strict APA guidelines. All sources must be properly cited. The paper must consist of 900–1,200 words.

At a minimum, the following sections are required:

Summary of issue/conclusion you presented in Position Paper I.   In one or two paragraphs, summarize the issue you raised/supported in the first Position Paper, and highlight your main point(s).  This aids the instructor in making sure you are “on task” per the instruction.  This element of your paper is worth ten points (see grading rubric).

Position Statement – A brief paragraph identifying the issue(s), with a position statement (Develop a clear and concise position statement that rebuts or counters the position in your previous paper).

Review of Literature – This heading should have at least two subheadings (Background of Opposing Position and Supporting Evidence). Since this is a review of the literature, adequate citations should be included within each subheading.

Conclusion – Provide recommendations and possible courses of action. Citations can be used here to support your recommendations.

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