CJUS 230 Quiz Paper Elements

CJUS 230 Quiz: Paper Elements and Writing Style

  1. Which of the following subordinate clauses using relative pronouns is written correctly:
  2. What type of paragraph alignment should be used:
  3. Please choose the appropriate Level 3 heading.
  4. Because scholarly writing is boring, APA writers should use colloquial expressions, contractions, and jargon to make the writing interesting.
  5. Which of the following questions should be considered when revising a paper:
  6. Choose the item(s) where there is not redundancy of language.
  7. On a Student Title Page, the page number should appear in the following location:
  8. Choose the item(s) where there is redundancy of language.
  9. The heading level style recommended by the APA consists of seven possible formatting arrangements.
  10. The running head should be the following length:
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