CJUS 380 Position Paper Part 1

The purpose of this paper is to gain support on a particular issue, and explain the rationale for your position. The information provided must be based on a strong foundation of facts. As such, you must provide evidence from credible academic and scholarly sources. Remember, peer-reviewed articles are best. You will select a topic ,define, refine, and limit your issue.

At a minimum, the following sections are required for the paper: (a) problem statement, (b) literature review, and (c) conclusion.The paper should follow strict APA guidelines, must consist of 700–1,050 words, and at least 4 sources are required. All sources must be properly cited.

Select one of the following topics from our readings in which you have a strong opinion about a particular issue(s):

Chapter One: The creation and impact of homeland security laws, and presidential directives, and executive orders

Chapter Two: Existing issues with emergency management based on a historical perspective

Chapter Three: Factors to consider with effectively addressing the prevention and response regarding the various terrorist hazards

Chapter Four: The effectiveness of organizational actions, structures, and multiagency involvement (local, state, and federal level) in response to homeland security

After choosing your topic, define, refine, and limit your issue. At a minimum, the following sections are required:

Problem Statement – a brief paragraph identifying the issue(s), with a specific problem statement. (Develop a clear and concise problem statement – three to five sentences.)

Review of Literature – this heading should have at least two subheadings (background of Problem and Supporting Evidence). Since this is a review of the literature, adequate citations should be included within each subheading. You do not need to include opposing positions in this assignment. We will address this in the final assignment.

Conclusion – provide recommendations and possible courses of action. Citations may be used here to support your recommendations.

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