EDUC 604 Quiz 2 Origins

EDUC 604 Quiz 2: Origins of American Education

Covers the textbook material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. In an effort to reform society, educators during the Age of Enlightenment tried to create a new pattern of schooling based on
  2. In what way were the concerns of medieval education most closely related to those of Greek and Roman education?
  3. In Plato’s Republic, he
  4. The methodological approach that involved theological and philosophical scholarship and teaching is called
  5. The Greek approach of having the student immersed and participating in society can be described as
  6. Advanced schools in ancient Egypt were established to prepare
  7. Education in preliterate societies focused on
  8. Which of the following did Martin Luther recognize to be an agent of reform?
  9. During the Reformation, Protestant religious educators sought to
  10. Many cultures counted on _________to transmit their cultural heritage through very gifted leaders.
  11. During the Renaissance, Erasmus was
  12. Children learn the group’s language and skills and assimilate moral and religious values through
  13. For Aristotle, thinking and knowing begin with
  14. As a high-school social studies teacher, you believe your students lack enough heroes and role models. You begin collaborating with an English teacher at your school to have students turn aspects of their family histories into epics that highlight the positive characteristics and admirable actions of male and female family members. In having students write, share, and discuss these personal epics, you are following most closely in the educational footsteps of which of the following groups?
  15. Antonia’s dream is to establish her own primary school—one that educates the “whole child” and that has teachers who help children feel safe, secure, and cared for. Which of the following educational theorists should she study for ideas that may help her plan her school?
  16. The curriculum and activities that Dewey proposed for schools
  17. The education pioneer who suggested that teachers should design their classrooms as learning centers stocked with materials that engage children’s curiosity and stimulate their explorations was
  18. The child depravity theory held that the corruptive weakness of children could be corrected by
  19. You just took a job teaching in a primary school. The principal has told you that the school’s mission envisions each classroom becoming a “prepared environment” for encouraging self-development and socialization. These ideas are based on
  20. Of the educators discussed in Chapter 3, Luis finds the ideas of Maria Montessori to be most relevant to the area in which he is seeking certification, so he plans to try to learn more about her thinking. Of the following specializations, which is most likely to be the one Luis is pursuing?
  21. In your elementary classroom, you use hands-on methods that encourage students to inquire for themselves about various ideas and problems in the curriculum’s subjects. Several parents have criticized your approach, saying that you pay too little attention to systematic subject-matter learning. You have a great deal in common with which famous educator?
  22. Pestalozzi believed that teachers needed to develop
  23. For John Dewey, education’s sole purpose is to contribute to
  24. Sarah believes that schools too often get in the way of meaningful education. She wants to start her own school where children will have fewer textbooks and rules and more unstructured, firsthand experiences with the world. Which of the following theorists is most relevant to Sarah’s beliefs?
  25. Jean Piaget’s principles of learning are based primarily on
  26. Rousseau broke with many educational philosophers in his belief that
  27. Rebelling against gender restrictions, __________ developed a philosophy of socialized education.
  28. Because of Jane Addams’ work with immigrants in Chicago, teachers now see the importance of
  29. Piaget’s highest level of cognitive development is the __________ period, where individuals deal with logical propositions and construct abstract hypotheses.
  30. Comenius sought to develop an efficient method of instruction based on the
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