EDUC 604 Quiz 1 Understanding Teaching

EDUC 604 Quiz: Understanding the Teaching Profession

Covers the textbook material from Module 1: Week 1.

  1. A recent emphasis on improving students’ thinking and comprehensive skills emphasizes _________________ as a central theme in teacher education.
  2. Which of the following is likely to increase the demand for more new teacher positions?
  3. Counselors point to all of the following as meaningful ways for teachers to reduce on-the-job stress levels, except:
  4. A common trend in alternative certification is for ____________________ to reenter the work force as teachers.
  5. The first three Teacher Residency programs established in America were in which three cities?
  6. The term “highly qualified teacher” implies a teacher must have
  7. Based on recent trends in teacher certification, certification requirements for secondary teaching certificates vary from one state to the next in
  8. Recent polls taken in 2008 indicated that the level of job satisfaction of teachers since 1984 has
  9. More than forty states have adopted the use of the ____________exam to test for basic professional knowledge in reading, mathematics, and communication.
  10. To become certified in his state, Bill had to pass a test that included reading, writing, and mathematics. What is the reasoning that is most likely to have led to this requirement?
  11. Which of the following statements describes developments that have occurred over the last decade in teacher education and certification?
  12. In which eld of study has there been a persistent shortage of teachers?
  13. Potential difficulties teachers are unprepared for include
  14. The trend in college students entering the teaching profession in the 1980s to today has
  15. The minimum educational requirement that all states require of teacher is a(n)
  16. Programs that provide intense supervision and compressed formal coursework during the first few years of assignment to a teaching position can best be termed
  17. Which of the following presents the greatest obstacle to teachers’ gaining the kind of autonomy suggested by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards?
  18. The fact that there is no agreed-upon body of knowledge for teaching is a limitation when professional organizations try to increase teachers’
  19. Over thirty-four states legally require _____________, while it is permissible in eleven states.
  20. In 2006, the average teacher’s salary was ________________ below that of comparable workers.
  21. When considering a defined body of knowledge as a characteristic of a profession, which of the following statements accurately describes a criticism of teacher preparation programs?
  22. The division and rivalry of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers is often seen as
  23. Professional standard boards in each state have the authority to
  24. In recent measures of occupational prestige, teachers rank
  25. Merit pay is often considered a(n) __________________ for superior performance.
  26. _______________ do not permit collective bargaining.
  27. The AFT does not allow membership of
  28. Urban teachers prefer to join the AFT primarily because of the organization’s
  29. Preparing a good teacher in a “defined body of knowledge” often results in _______________ being a part of the teacher preparation program.
  30. Specialized professional organizations generally do not provide
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