EDUC 323 Quiz 1

  1. What document does this statement describe “shared expectations for K-12 students across states that include a focused set of mathematics contents standards and practices”?
  2. Reform in mathematics education began in the early 1980s. Why was the main reason that jump-started the reform?
  3. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are
  4. Which of the following are NOT true of the main tenets of the Curriculum principle in the NCTM Principles to Action?
  5. The NCTM Principle and Standards for School Mathematics emphasized that its process standards were to
  6. Which choice reflects two factors that influence the teaching of Mathematics effectively?
  7. Practicing or prospective teachers each face the challenge of teaching mathematics from a problem-solving perspective. This often requires some to confront personal beliefs about
  8. What was the goal of NCTM’s publication, Curriculum Focal Points?
  9. Which statement below captures the big idea from one of the Six Guiding Principles outlined in the NCTM Principles to Action?
  10. Teachers might have to “unlearn” some mathematics terminologies in order to not mislead students. What is an example of this?
  11. All of the following are efficient ways to add 27+18 EXCEPT
  12. Identify the statement that reflects an educational implication of the learning theories discussed in Chapter 2 “Exploring What it Means to Know and Do Mathematics.”
  13. All of the following statements regarding teaching for mathematical proficiency are true EXCEPT:
  14. Manipulative materials have the potential to provide opportunities for connection and communication. What statement would be a non-example of how to utilize the materials?
  15. Vygotsky believed that learning was better achieved through social interaction. What statement best identifies a learning environment that represents this belief?
  16. Which of the following is an example of a statement spoken in the language of doing mathematics?
  17. The focus of connecting the dots between theory and practice requires teachers to focus on opportunities. All of the statements below are true EXCEPT:
  18. Your teaching of mathematics is controlled by what factor below?
  19. To set up an environment for “doing” mathematics, teachers need to
  20. Making connections among mathematical relationships improves student conceptual understanding. What statement is a tenet of this belief?
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