AVIA 304 Quiz Postwar Era

  1. Who was the first leader of helicopter development in the 1930’s?
  2. Who was the pilot of the first jet aircraft to shoot down another jet aircraft in 1950?
  3. According to the author, this aircraft constituted the most powerful attack force used in South Vietnam.
  4. Which aircraft broke the sound barrier on its first flight in 1953 and flew over 360,000 combat sorties in Vietnam?
  5. A leading aerospace engineer and designer, his death from cancer in 1966 was a great setback to the Soviet Union’s space program.
  6. Robert Goddard mostly worked in isolation.
  7. Who is credited with calculating the velocities required to reach earth orbit in 1909?
  8. Who was the first man in space?
  9. What was the largest transport aircraft used in the Berlin Airlift?
  10. The modified Boeing “Big Belly” B-52 could carry almost ________ pounds of bombs?
  11. The first Soviet production supersonic fighter was the:
  12. Along with being the largest bomber ever produced for the US military, this aircraft was also the first intercontinental bomber.
  13. The first artificial earth satellite was named:
  14. The first ejection seat was created during the Korean War.
  15. The crew of which spacecraft were the first to die outside of the earth’s atmosphere?
  16. Who developed the V-2 rocket?
  17. What American plane was used as a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, of which two were shot down by the USSR?
  18. The lunar landing was:
  19. What airplane first flew in 1964 and is still the highest and fastest-flying turbojet aircraft in history?
  20. The first hydrogen bomb, exploded in 1952, was _____ times more powerful than the device that had destroyed Hiroshima.
  21. What is Top Gun and why was it created?
  22. Discuss the space race between the USA and Soviet Union.
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