AVIA 304 Quiz 1

  1. Who was known as the “flying man?”
  2. Who made the first flight across the Mediterranean Sea?
  3. Lafayette Escadrille was mainly composed of:
  4. Who made the first powered heavier-than-air flight in Europe in 1906?
  5. Approximately how many times did Otto Lilienthal fly his hang gliders?
  6. Prior to becoming a founding father of aviation in the United States, Glenn Curtiss was a:
  7. Pyotr Nesterov was a Russian pilot, and in 1913 he was the first to perform a “loop-the-loop.” What did he receive from his superiors for this accomplishment?
  8. In what year were the Wright brothers officially recognized internationally as the first “heavier- than-air” flight?
  9. Who first invited Glenn Curtiss to collaborate on building airplanes?
  10. Who made the first successful take-off from water?
  11. Who was the first licensed female pilot?
  12. Which pilot and designer rose to prominence when he completed a roundtrip between St. Petersburg and Kiev, a 1,600 mile journey?
  13. Who was in charge of the Great Aerodrome?
  14. Where did Octave Chanute conduct his flight experiments?
  15. Who was the first certified ace of World War I?
  16. Who made the first successful take-off from a platform on a ship?
  17. Who was known as “The Red Baron?”
  18. Who was the first pilot to shoot down another airplane?
  19. Zeppelins were the most effective aircraft of World War I.
  20. Which German ace has a specific airplane maneuver named after him?
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