EDUC 318 Quiz Components of Literacy

EDUC 318 Quiz Literacy – Components of Literacy

  1. Beginning readers benefit from developmentally appropriate practices that are
  2. Reader’s theater, choral reading, and echo reading are all strategies
  3. When designing a ________ consider the setting, location, and props.
  4. is a vocabulary-development strategy in which students use story elements to develop their meaning vocabulary.
  5. While reading a section in her basal reader, Emily underlined all the words that she did not know right away and wrote them on index cards. Emily is creating
  6. Jackson wants to assess accuracy and automaticity so she uses
  7. You are a second-grade teacher with a student whose second language is English. Which activity should you do to give this student more confidence in the classroom and increase her fluency skills?
  8. Direct instruction and student practice are essential for the
  9. Reading aloud, reading predictable texts, and rereading favorite books are all ways
  10. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of reading fluency?
  11. The phase of literacy development when children extend and refine their literacy skills and strategies in increasingly more sophisticated ways is the
  12. Kayla’s mom wants to set up a literate environment at home. She needs to incorporate
  13. Summers begins each silent reading session with a status of the class. She notices that Dino has had a new book everyday for the last three days. Dino is most likely
  14. The ________ Hypothesis is related to the schema view of reading. It states that vocabulary and comprehension reflect general understanding.
  15. When teachers delete important words in cloze passages, such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives, what type of cloze activity are they using?
  16. The most effective way to monitor a reader’s fluency is to
  17. Students need to know how to read words so they can focus on understanding what they are reading. Which of the following is NOT a principle to be implemented?
  18. is a vocabulary-development strategy in which students must generate one sentence that correctly demonstrates an understanding of a group of words and their relationship to each other.
  19. ________ is an effective way to develop oral fluency.
  20. A second-grade teacher has students take two single-syllable nouns from a hat (e.g., snow, man) and asks them to form words by putting the words together (e.g., snowman). Students then draw pictures to illustrate their new words and write short stories using the new words. This activity is likely to be most effective for helping students
  21. If implemented correctly a silent reading program can
  22. The students are most likely to be successful in their independent reading of a book if
  23. Which strategy for improving reading fluency involves the teacher and the non-fluent student reading aloud from the same material simultaneously?
  24. Synonyms, antonyms, and multiple meaning words lend themselves to which cognitive vocabulary activity?
  25. In which of the following locations would children encounter environmental print?
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