EDUC 318 Quiz Phonics

EDUC 318 Quiz Word Analysis – Phonics

  1. When a word has two vowels, one of which is a final E, separate from the first vowel by one consonant, the first vowel usually is __________, and the final vowel is
  2. are multiple consonants that appear together at the beginning of words and syllables.
  3. _______________ is an example of a word with a “soft c
  4. Which word does not have a diphthong?
  5. In which word does the letter d make the same sound as the letter d in gradual?
  6. T/F- Consonants provide more useful information that vowels.
  7. Which is an example of a long vowel digraph?
  8. consist of two or three consecutive consonants, each representing a separate phoneme that is blended together.
  9. Another name for vowel blends is ………
  10. T/F Short vowels often appear in a syllable or word that ends in a consonant.
  11. The first phoneme heard in the word gnome is _____________.
  12. Letter combinations in which b does not represent a sound are ___________ and
  13. The most frequent rime patterns begin with the letter __________; and the least frequent rime patterns begin with the letter
  14. The th in think is __________________.
  15. Which phrase best completes the following sentence: When a vowel is followed by “r”
  16. T/F – When there is a double consonant in a word, usually neither of the consonants is heard.
  17. Which letter is silent in the word boat?
  18. T/F Onsets are equivalent to initial consonants.
  19. The letter t can also be unpredicatable, making the ___________ and __________ sounds.
  20. Two vowels appearing together that represent a single phoneme are called
  21. T/F- The letter g can be expected to make the “soft g” or “j” sound when followed by e, i, or y.
  22. How many phonemes are in the word chunk?
  23. In which word does the underlined vowel have a long sound?
  24. Octopus would be a good keyword for _______________.
  25. There are _____________ rime patterns which account for ______________ words that appear in beginning reading texts.
  26. T/F – When the letters tch appear together, the sounds of all three letters are heard.
  27. T/F The most common rime patterns have the vowel E.
  28. T/F A short vowel sound is usually produced when two vowels appear side by side.
  29. Which list contains only consonant digraphs?
  30. T/F Another name for a word family is a phonogram.
  31. The s appearing at the end of the words does, buns, and toys makes the _____________ sound.
  32. Which word has a consonant digraph in the onset?
  33. Common patterns containing a vowel followed by consonants are
  34. Which word follows the CV pattern?
  35. The three main categories of consonant blends are:
  36. In addition to the five common vowel letters, two other letters which sometimes represent vowel sounds are __________ and
  37. What type of vowel does the word easy have?
  38. In which position, does the letter y usually function as a vowel?
  39. T/F- The letters Q and Y can represent a consonant and a vowel.
  40. The word duck would be an appropriate keyword for ____________________.
  41. What are the three different sounds that the digraph ch can represent?
  42. Which pattern does the word by follow?
  43. T/F- The letter c can be expected to make the “hard c” sound when it is followed by o, a, u
  44. Which consonant in the word folk does not represent a sound?
  45. T/F- The pronunciation of c and g is usually determined by the vowel that follows it.
  46. T/F Another name for a long vowel sound is a glided sound.
  47. Which word follows the CV pattern?
  48. What type of vowel does the word mouse have?
  49. Which pattern does the word use follow?
  50. The th in thumb is __________________.
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