EDUC 323 Quiz 2

  1. Teachers can prompt productive classroom discussion through the use of five teacher talk actions. What statement below reflects the type of prompt to elicit student reasoning?
  2. Problem-solving tasks that have multiple entry and exit points exhibit what characteristics below?
  3. Which statement best reflects the approach of teaching for problem-solving?
  4. If a student is asked to double 17, which of the following is NOT a useful problem-solving strategy for this?
  5. Effective classrooms where teachers teach through problem-solving, teachers will students to do all of the following EXCEPT:
  6. Selecting problem-solving tasks that require higher levels of cognitive demand should include which one of the following?
  7. Which statement about the teaching about the problem-solving approach is most accurate?
  8. Which question should NOT be considered an important question for a teacher to consider when planning a lesson based on the standards?
  9. The During phase of the lesson the teacher has to ask this question when determining what students need.
  10. What is the most critical aspect of the After phase of the lesson?
  11. What statement below would be a method for activating prior knowledge?
  12. Tiered lessons and Parallel Tasks are examples of strategies that teachers can use to differentiate mathematical instruction. Which problem below would provide students with a choice?
  13. What is the purpose of establishing clear expectations for a lesson before the lesson transpires?
  14. In the “Before” Lesson Phase, the teacher has the goal(s) to
  15. Examples of interview questions that would guide students in their understanding would include all of the following EXCEPT
  16. The NCTM Principles and Standards stress two main ideas of integrating assessment into instruction. Identify the statement below that represents one of the key NCTM ideas.
  17. Utilizing problem-based tasks permit every student in a class to demonstrate their knowledge, skill, or understanding. Which task below encourages student reasoning and thinking?
  18. What statement below denotes a limited point of view about the purpose of assessment?
  19. Three of the statements below are characteristic of formative assessment. What statement would be true of summative assessment?
  20. A translation task is a method used to see how students move between various representations of a concept. Three of the statements below are methods students could use to demonstrate their learning. Identify the one that does not fit best with a translation task.
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