EDCE 501 Quiz 7

EDCE 501 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is NOTan issue that the dynamics of couples therapy often involves?
  2. _____________ is a critical ethical issue in individual psychotherapy and a necessary part of the practice of couples and family therapy.
  3. ____________ uses assessment to understand the client’s pattern of thinking and to identify self-defeating beliefs.
  4. Which of the practitioners described below would NOTbe an effective family therapist?
  5. Practicing counseling without an explicit theoretical rationale is somewhat like:
  6. Many believe it is wise to have a __________ when counseling couples due to the complexity of the work.
  7. _____________, with regard to family-of-origin issues, is particularly critical for family therapists.
  8. ____________ consists of evaluating the relevant factors in a client’s life to identify themes for further exploration.
  9. The acronym DSM-5 stands for:
  10. ____________ is raised in establishing criteria of psychosocial dysfunction, assessing the problems of the identified patient in the family context, and devising treatment strategies.
  11. Which of the following statements about differing perspectives on confidentiality with multiple clients is FALSE?
  12. Empirical research _________the centrality of the therapeutic relationship as a primary factor contributing to psychotherapy outcomes.
  13. Charles, a couples’ therapist, recently met with a new couple seeking his services. During their initial meeting, Charles learned that the wife and husband are both in individual therapy. As an ethical practitioner, he should:
  14. Patricia, a family therapist, has adopted an egalitarian philosophy to guide her practice. A Korean couple comes to her to address concerns they have about their teenage daughter. When asked about their home life, they acknowledge that they hold traditional roles and values and that the household chores are entirely left to the females in the family. Patricia should:
  15. Competence in working with couples and families only comes with:
  16. In the case of domestic violence, clinicians agree that conducting couples therapy while there is ongoing domestic violence:
  17. Feminists remind us that patriarchy has:
  18. ____________ believe that many symptoms stem from problems within the system rather than originating in the individual.
  19. Key values such as collectivism, interdependence, family embeddedness and connectedness, hierarchies of relationship, and multigenerational perspectives are more familiar concepts in _________ cultures.
  20. Developing an approach to counseling is an ongoing and fluid process. Counselors in training tend to be drawn to a particular theory initially but modify it as they gain experience. Ultimately, your counseling orientation and style must:
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