BIBL 323 Quiz 2

BIBL 323 Quiz 2 Liberty University Answers

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Human title

Deity title

Eternal title

Relationship title


  1. Show the progression of the Samaritan woman’s view of Jesus:

First statement

Second statement

Third statement

Last statement

  1. Which statement does not describe how the woman at the well knew Jesus was a Jew?
  2. Which is a meaning for “water?”
  3. Jesus did not perform any miracles in John 3.
  4. “Eternal” describes our life and “everlasting” describes God’s life.
  5. Which one is not one of the reasons John gives for Jesus’ deity?
  6. Nicodemus was a member of the Sanhedrin and a priest.
  7. What reason does Dr. Towns give for Jesus having to go through Samaria?
  8. Light is not just illumination but
  9. What meat did Jesus have?
  10. “Lifted up” is a reference to the cross/Calvary.
  11. Blood sacrifices are still offered today on Mt. Ebal.
  12. Which Old Testament story does Jesus use to illustrate salvation?
  13. “Sychar” is a possible name for what other city?
  14. How long did John live after he baptized Jesus?
  15. In John 3, which phrase does not describe the word “wind”?


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