EDUC 303 Quiz 2

EDUC 303 Quiz 2 Instructional Planning Tools

  1. A well-designed lesson plan should be adhered to closely.
  2. Which statements accurately support the use of curriculum alignment? Choose all that apply.
  3. How have educators and researchers responded to concerns about the internal structure of Bloom’s taxonomy? Choose all that apply.
  4. How will the HR5 Every Child Succeeds Act (2015) affect teachers, students, and schools?
  5. Teachers use Bloom’s taxonomy primarily to determine if students have met the stated learning objectives.
  6. Which level of the Bloom’s taxonomy requires students to understand material, add new knowledge to it, and create a new product?
  7. Which are characteristics of most state standards? Choose all that apply.
  8. Which are characteristics of most state standards? Choose all that apply.
  9. Research shows that student learning is greater when teachers design lessons based on strong performance objectives.
  10. Which is a quantitative tool that is used to measure the effectiveness of a specific teaching strategy on student achievement?
  11. Which pairs correctly match a level of Bloom’s taxonomy with the related characteristic student behavior? Choose all that apply.
  12. According to research, which level of Bloom’s taxonomy is a prerequisite for a learner in order to transfer classroom learning to a real-life situation?
  13. Which statements accurately describe the annual National Assessment of Educational Progress assessments? Choose all that apply.
  14. Which statements are examples of effective learning outcomes? Choose all that apply.
  15. The current push for educational reform and standards is being driven by educators and researchers.
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