EDUC 303 Quiz 5

  1. Universal Design for Learning is based on the principle that:
  2. Nadia has a spinal injury and has no control over the use of her hands. She uses a breath- controlled wheelchair for movement. What types of related services and supplementary aids is she eligible for to help her access the general education curriculum? Choose all that apply.
  3. Differentiated learning and Universal Design for Learning provide students with options on how to engage with the content and how to demonstrate learning.
  4. Which are types of intelligence described by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences? Choose all that apply.
  5. Which facts have been revealed by research on gender equity in K–12 schools? Choose all that apply.
  6. A teacher is monitoring students’ behavior as they work in cooperative groups. The teacher is trying to decide whether the rules for working in groups need to be reinforced. Which areas is the teacher assessing? Choose all that apply.
  7. What are the main purposes of a formative assessment? Choose all that apply.
  8. The textbook’s authors object to the use of high-stakes tests to make decisions about students and teachers because:
  9. An assessment that has reliability:
  10. Which are best practices for communicating your grading system? Choose all that apply.
  11. Most students with learning disabilities are included into general education classrooms once they have achieved a certain skill level.
  12. Schools typically offer immersion, bilingual, or English language learning programs for students whose primary language is not English.
  13. What is a primary goal of schools in terms of gender diversity?


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