EDUC 303 Quiz Classroom Management

EDUC 303 Quiz Classroom Management

  1. According to the text authors, a well-prepared teacher should interrupt a lesson if a teachable moment comes up.

The text authors recommend that teachers use an A-B-C chart to become aware of their own disinviting behavior.

  1. Which is a characteristic of effective classroom rules? Choose all that apply.
  2. Which statement supports the claim that there is a correlation between student abilities and student attitudes?
  3. Teachers should constantly observe the activities of their students to prevent classroom management problems.
  4. Which statements describe questioning as an effective monitoring strategy? Choose all that apply.
  5. Which tips are appropriate for getting new teachers off to a good start at the beginning of the year? Choose all that apply.
  6. Which management strategy requires individuals to acknowledge their failures and become personally responsible for their own success?
  7. Jacob is a sixth grade social studies teacher. His student Madeleine regularly completes class activities before other students. You were allowing her to assist you with peer tutoring and administrative tasks, but her father complained that these activities were not challenging her academically. Which solutions will meet the father’s desire for an academic challenge? Choose all that apply.
  8. The primary purpose of maintaining student records is to accurately track and record assignments, class participation, tests, and other activities that will be used to establish a student’s grade.
  9. Which traits characterize Maslow’s humanistic approach? Choose all that apply.
  10. According to the text authors, why is it unnecessary for teachers to exercise significant power to create supportive learning environments?
  11. Which is a desirable ending activity of a class period? Choose all that apply.
  12. Which are benefits of involving students in establishing classroom rules? Choose all that apply.
  13. What do research studies reveal about teacher-student interactions in high school science classes?
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