EDUC 303 Quiz 1

EDUC 303 Quiz 1 Teaching influence

  1. As students progress from elementary school to high school they:
  2. Which group is based on a classroom management model?
  3. Which statement supports the claim that teachers help students facilitate the American dream?
  4. Schools in the United States are typically made up of students belonging to the same ethnic, racial, religious, and language group.
  5. What do mnemonics and visualizing have in common?
  6. Reflection is an integral element of the:
  7. Based on the description in the text, which would be a result of the influence of advocacy groups on education? Choose all that apply.
  8. Which are attributes of instruction based on behavioral principles? Choose all that apply.
  9. Which are strategies necessary for students in the concrete operational stage? Choose all that apply.
  10. Which are attributes of a holistic instructional view? Choose all that apply.
  11. According to the text, a teacher’s level of functioning is primarily determined by his or her level of content knowledge.
  12. Which are attributes of a holistic instructional view? Choose all that apply.
  13. Why should teachers use curriculum guides during the holistic phase of planning?
  14. A first-year teacher meets with other teachers to share ideas and learn about the school’s policies. This teacher is demonstrating attention to which context of schooling?
  15. Which are major goals of the cognitive model of learning? Choose all that apply.
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