SOWK 350 Quiz 1

SOWK 350 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Social workers should be guided by an overarching model or paradigm in their practice. Which of the following is true?
  2. Some obstacles of engagement with a client(s) could be:
  3. The belief that people act according to the sum of their strengths and skills is called the:
  4. The primary purpose of this class, according to the Introduction video, is:
  5. A social worker can simultaneously assess and gather information about a client and build a therapeutic alliance.
  6. Jane Addams’ approach in working with her clients was one of empowerment, where she involved and engaged her clients to make changes in their lives or surrounding environments.
  7. The “demand for work” entails
  8. The term “symbiotic” refers to what in relationship?
  9. The Introduction video stresses the importance of all EXCEPT:
  10. An example of appropriate “function” as defined by Schwartz would be:
  11. It is important for workers to learn how to manage their feelings when a client is sharing, and in some cases, a social worker can appropriately share feelings that may help a client.
  12. Interactional social work practice theory includes:
  13. SOLER, as defined in the video, highlights all EXCEPT:
  14. The active listening video demonstrated what NOT to do in a session.  Which of the following was demonstrated:
  15. Some issues that social workers need to be aware of in their work with clients include:
  16. Social workers should always work in relation to a two-client construct.
  17. In the active listening video, the worker demonstrated the following skills in the “What To Do” session:
  18. In social work practice, the social worker is focused on:
  19. Strengths perspective entails
  20. The instructor in the Introduction video discussed which of the following:
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