SOWK 350 Quiz 6

SOWK 350 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. In the video role play this module, the main topic(s) were:
  2. One way a client may indirectly express anger about termination is to miss a session.
  3. The intervention technique used in the video clip was:
  4. All of the following are important for endings in session EXCEPT:
  5. Giving and receiving feedback is important:
  6. Jim, in the video, did well demonstrating the skill of all EXCEPT:
  7. The “farewell party” that could occur in this phase relates to:
  8. Part of this video session discussion was:
  9. If a worker knows the client relationship will be ending soon, they should begin to speak about this ______________
  10. Unexpected death or the suicide of a client can impact more than just the worker, it can have an effect on the colleagues around them.
  11. The video role play included Jim encouraging Kristin’s strengths of:
  12. An honest exploration of what went well in the client-worker sessions, as well as what went poorly, is important in the ending process.
  13. In dealing with a trauma within an agency, the model which seems to be most effective for growth and healing amongst workers includes:
  14. An agenda for future work is about finishing up old issues and developing new dreams.
  15. At the end of a solid working experience, both client and worker will likely both experience all of the following, BUT __________________:
  16. One main danger of the ending phase is:
  17. Evaluating the helping process with a client is important because:
  18. A worker and client discuss in their last two session how the client’s future will include developing healthy relationships. This describes:
  19. When feelings about endings are avoided, it is called:
  20. A worker has to terminate the client relationship because they are being transferred to another position. They met with this client for 3 sessions and the client was passive, and though agreeable, not much was accomplished. This is an example of:
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