SOWK 350 Quiz 7

SOWK 350 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following is true about Luke?
  2. Luke’s parents feel:
  3. The agency setting for the Mancari family is:
  4. In the case of Linda, Brian, and Mike, which of the following BEST states the situation:
  5. It is important to keep the goal of the agency in mind when working with families.
  6. If a session ends prematurely, it most likely means that they did not find the work helpful.
  7. If a family has reached a point of having figured out their presenting problem, gained some skills in working together, and identified areas that led to the problem, they are most likely:
  8. An example of a family secret may be all of these EXCEPT:
  9. One way that working with a family as a whole is different than just working with an individual is:
  10. Goals for ending family support sessions include:
  11. When one family member tries to get the worker to side with them against another member, it is called:
  12. In working with Jim, the Native American teen and his family, the social worker employs empathy, humor, and confrontation.
  13. Family work, no matter which theory is used, includes all EXCEPT:
  14. A multiple client is one where you are dealing with more than one person.
  15. Challenges for a new worker include:
  16. LGBT families may have issues due to:
  17. Family assessment on the first interview best includes:
  18. There are unique issues in treating families. These include all EXCEPT:
  19. With the Greek immigrant family, the father’s anger problem does not ever get properly addressed.
  20. One role of the worker as defined by Ackerman’s approach could be seen as:
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