SOWK 350 Quiz 4

SOWK 350 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Which of the following fits the model of a working relationship? The relationship emerges ____________________
  2. Jim addressed all the following in the session, EXCEPT:
  3. Informed consent includes giving clients full disclosure of what services are being offered by the social worker and agency.
  4. During the video role play, Kristin seemed comfortable with Jim.  This demonstrates which skill by Jim?
  5. How many decisions must be made in the various stages of the client-worker relationship?
  6. Limits of confidentiality does not include a social worker being asked by a police officer about one of their clients. The worker is obliged to comply with the officer even if a consent form was not signed.
  7. In this beginning role play video, all dimensions of a session were seen EXCEPT:
  8. From the video, Kristin shares that the main problem is:
  9. Resistant behavior:
  10. Both workers and clients can feel embarrassed about a client’s problem and not want to directly come out and address it.
  11. Culturagrams help social workers identify system of social support for a client, such as their friends and neighbors.
  12. Clients who are from this culture can be quite diverse, yet in American culture, almost all feel some strain of cultural anxiety and level of exclusion. One characteristic of this culture that often stands out is the issue of gender roles. This culture is most likely associated with:
  13. When doing a psychosocial history in the first intake, which of the following is TRUE:
  14. This culture has a theme of the family being supportive and protective, where sharing and gving is of utmost importance.
  15. Clients whose families are often associated with close relationships of kinship, strong religious values, flexible family roles, yet clear authority structures, could most likely be from which culture:
  16. Context is important in practice because:
  17. Mistakes by the worker are:
  18. Which of the following occurred in the video role play?
  19. Clients whose family identities likely extend outside the realm of the immediate family could be identified with which culture?
  20. Contracting often involves all EXCEPT:
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