SOWK 350 Quiz 3

SOWK 350 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. If a client seems unwilling to discuss issues of sexuality, they may be displaying the obstacle of:
  2. Michaela, in the video, uses the following skills in her session with Oasis:
  3. Developing a positive working relationship with a client is called:
  4. Tuning in refers to listening to the client and being aware of one’s own internal experiences.
  5. Lum (1999) includes all the following as guidelines for developing cultural competency EXCEPT:
  6. Intercultural practice could include the following:
  7. Part of tuning in includes:
  8. “Diversity within diversity” refers to:
  9. If a client has a negative attitude during a session, they may be displaying an indirect cue that something else is going on that is not what is currently being presented.
  10. If an elderly client begins to tell a story from their youth, they may be speaking which communication skill?
  11. Which of the following is THE BEST answer? The therapeutic alliance with a client is:
  12. A client’s general sense of how they get along with a worker is called:
  13. A client comes in to a session with a very vague description of their presenting issue. This is:
  14. In the video, it is demonstrated that:
  15. Key factors in therapeutic alliance include:
  16. Lum (1999) had a study on cultural competence. Which of the following does NOT belong within this framework?
  17. A client questions a young social worker as to their qualifications. This can be handled by all EXCEPT:
  18. Metaphor or allegory is an example of:
  19. In the video, Michaela has Oasis list out all the good things she has done over their time together
  20. A middle class Latino social worker working with a Latino family is an example of:
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