SOWK 350 Quiz 2

SOWK 350 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Resiliency theory applies to which of the following populations:
  2. In research done on resiliency in children, which of the following was NOT found to be a key factor for resiliency?
  3. The following are considered sources of resilience in Werner’s research:
  4. In the video on “What To Do,”
  5. The difference between the oppressor within versus the oppressor without is:
  6. A child who is attached to a caregiver is an example of ________________ in resiliency theory.
  7. We should be careful in our examination of oppression because
  8. Most all children exposed to trauma and dysfunctional environments had evidence of negative developmental outcomes.
  9. The belief that as a survivor of sexual abuse, one’s identity is that they are “damaged goods,” is an example of:
  10. Maximum performance potential has to do with one’s developmental reserve capacity, when looking at resilience in aging research.
  11. Oppressed people may
  12. An elderly person, according to research that has been conducted, is more likely to manage aging well if:
  13. Within a specific population of people, whether it is a cultural group or particular group of persons of color, social workers need to remind themselves that members of that group may have individual differences as well as similarities.
  14. In life span theory on resilience, important factors include all EXCEPT:
  15. Cognitive hardiness as defined by Kobasa and Pucetti (1983) involves:
  16. People who believe they have some control over their life and know their values and goals in life, demonstrate:
  17. An example of Bulhan’s indicators of oppression assessment could be seen with which of the following individual(s)?
  18. In the video on “What Not To Do” with questioning and exploration skills,
  19. Which of the following would fit into Rak and Patterson’s “buffering hypothesis” in resiliency theory?
  20. In the video on “What To Do,” Oasis was able to identify and reflect the feeling of frustration that Michaela was dealing with.
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