SOWK 410 Decision Making Quiz

SOWK 410 Quiz: Decision Making and Implementing Organizational Change

  1. “Identify possible macro approaches to use, roughly estimate their potential effectiveness, and select the most appropriate one” is a substep of Step of PREPARE.
  2. A time-limited, planned undertaking with specified goals and activities to accomplish
  3. a designated purpose is a(n):
  4. What substep of Step 7 in PREPARE is the transitional stage between deciding to pursue a macro change effort and actually doing it?
  5. The first step in the assessment of organizational change potential (PREPARE) is:
  6. Of the four critical elements required in macro change, the person who believes some change within the agency is needed is the:
  7. Substep 3 of Step 1 in PREPARE is:
  8. Which of the following is (are) accurate regarding macro practice?
  9. All of the following are true regarding projects except:
  10. To track the various phases of the development of the Sexual Harassment Awareness Program for Employees (described in the text), the group utilized a:
  11. Preparing an agency for the change process includes all of the following tasks except:
  12. The second step in the process for initiating and implementing macro change is to:
  13. Regarding communication within organizations, which of the following is most accurate?
  14. According to a recent study, between and percent of social workers have experienced unwanted sexual advances.
  15. is the cementing of the change into the structure of the overall service provision system.
  16. When approaching a target system with a macro change proposal, in the stage there is some conflict and decision-makers must decide whether to go with the proposal or not.
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