SOWK 410 Using Micro Quiz

SOWK 410 Quiz: Using Micro and Group Skills for Change

  1. means translating into words what you think the other person is feeling.
  2. our supervisor asks you to work late this evening. You have special plans that you fee l you cannot disrupt. You reply to your supervisor “Okay.” This is an example of a(n)
  3. involves briefly covering the main points of a discussion or series of communications
  4. n the text, lip reading is also referred to as:
  5. refers to not only being in tune with how other people feel, but also conveying to people both verbally an d nonverbally that you understand how they feel.
  6. means seeking meaning beyond that of clarification
  7. When working with people with mobility disabilities:
  8. conflict is created to reach goals that cannot be attained directly.
  9. Which of the following is not a characteristic of effective teams?
  10. Use of self was discussed in the text as involving all of the following skills except:
  11. conflict is directed at people or concerns other than the real party or source of conflict.
  12. Parents Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are examples of:
  13. Which motion would be appropriate when the group has begun discussing an item not on the agenda?
  14. In Johnson’s personal styles for addressing conflict, the is one who is an aggressor moving boldly into conflict.
  15. All of the following are positive aspects of conflict except:
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