RLGN 104 Test 6

RLGN 104 Test 6 Liberty University

  1. Historically, the advantage of Utilitarianism is that it has always resulted in the avoidance of human rights injustices.
  2. Ethics has to do with what a person ought to do rather than what a person does.
  3. Pragmatism was the merging of …
  4. Although Secularists may believe that Jesus Christ existed, they say that He was only a good moral teacher.
  5. is the idea that self-interest or personal happiness should be the goal of all actions.
  6. Determinism ultimately leads to Nihilism.
  7. said that “Man is the measure of all things”?
  8. Which book of the Bible is often considered nihilist in nature?
  9. If a Secularist rejects the Bible, don’t encourage him/her to read the Bible until you give him/her a good apologetic response to their objections.
  10. Who said, “I think therefore I am” which caused him to become a religious reformer.
  11. Christianity is one of the only religions that strongly teaches moral relativism.
  12. Relativism is the belief that absolutes exist but only within one’s culture or social group.
  13. The fact that we see diversity between the morals of cultures is a clear indication that moral absolutes do not exist.
  14. During the Age of Enlightenment people elevated the teachings of the Church as the ultimate test for truth since they were being enlightened by the Word of God.
  15. According to Secularism, God did not make man in His image; man, made God, in his image.
  16. A person’s worldview should impact his/her approach to moral decision making.
  17. is credited with starting Nihilism.
  18. is the belief that nature is all that exists and that nothing supernatural exists.
  19. A person who determines morality based upon what man says or thinks is approaching morality
  20. Pragmatism is essentially the philosophy that “whatever works” in any given circumstance determine right choices.
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