INDS 600 Quiz 1

INDS 600 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. Interdisciplinarity is irrelevant for the study of complexity.
  2. Scope refers to the parameters of what you intend to include and exclude from consideration.
  3. Systems thinking, as well as system mapping, fosters _____________ thinking by looking for ____________ relationships among the phenomena or actors in a system.
  4. When should a student use the concept or principle map?
  5. Becoming self-conscious or self-aware of our disciplinary or personal biases that may influence our inquiry and possibly skew our evaluation of insights and thus bias the end product refers to:
  6. Which of the following is not a key component of a research map?
  7. There are four practical benefits from using systems thinking and drawing a system map, which of these should not be included.
  8. What is a potentially relevant discipline?
  9. When mapping the problem it may reveal a gap in your understanding of the problem or establish that you are placing too much emphasis on a few disciplinary components at the expense of other equally important components.
  10. Systems thinking is a method of visualizing interrelationships within a complex problem or system by doing all the following except:


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