INDS 600 Quiz 5

INDS 600 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Which term is best defined by the following statement? “It is how we know what we know.”
  2. Mapping each author’s insight is helpful for all of the following reasons except:
  3. Different concepts used to describe the same phenomenon are said to be the basis of?
  4. Theories from different disciplines generally:
  5. When two disciplines talk about the same ideas but use different words to describe it, it is a(n):
  6. The need for integration arises out of conflicts, controversies, and differences. Without them __________ would not be necessary.
  7. Theories bring together concepts and make a claim about their relationships. Which of the following statements is NOT true:
  8. Authors using similar concepts to describe different phenomenon would be an example of?
  9. Identifying conflict is necessary because:
  10. Conflicts of assumptions include all of the following except:
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