THEO 630 Quiz Mid-Term

THEO 630 Quiz: Mid-Term

Module 1: Week 1 — Module 5: Week 5

  1. The Puritans had more positive views of national Israel’s hope than did Martin Luther and John Calvin.
  2. According to Jones, Christian theologians are agreed that the temple mentioned in Ezekiel 40-48 will be a rebuilt physical temple in Jerusalem in the future.
  3. According to Benware, the Bible gives much information concerning what happens to a believer after death but before the resurrection.
  4. Amillennialists think that Jesus inherited David’s throne when He ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of the Father.
  5. According to Dr. Hindson, the symbols in the Book of Revelation are used by the Apostle John to make the book less clear and harder to understand so no group can feel they understand the book completely.
  6. All forms of Dispensationalism believe Israel and the church have different eternal destinies.
  7. According to Dr. Hindson, John the Baptist was part of the New Testament dispensation.
  8. To which groups of Christians did Paul write to inform them that they were not in the Day of the Lord?
  9. Jones mentioned “three essential truths about the end times that Christians have always believed.” Which of the following is NOT one of these truths:
  10. What are the three main historical forms of Dispensationalism according to Blaising and Bock?
  11. According to Dr. Hindson, which best describes the roles of Jesus concerning His two comings?
  12. Which of the following does NOT characterize Jewish apocalyptic writings?
  13. According to Dr. Hindson, Bible Prophecy comprises about what percentage of the Bible?
  14. What is the subject of Revelation 21 in relation to Heaven?
  15. According to Dr. Hindson, “eschatology” specifically is the study of what?
  16. According to Horner, who of the following is NOT a good representative of historic premillennialism?
  17. According to Jones, a “kingdom” requires which three elements?
  18. Which most accurately represents the biblical view of Heaven?
  19. Which option best represents Barry Horner’s view of the “all Israel” of Romans 11:26?
  20. According to Jones, what are characteristics of the Day of the Lord?
  21. Which of the following beliefs are true of Dispensationalism?
  22. According to Horner, which theologian or theologians held that national Israel does have a distinctive national hope?
  23. Match the following concerning “timing of fulfillment” views for prophetic passages like the Book of Revelation and the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24- 25). Prophetic passages will be fulfilled in the future Prophetic passages are currently being fulfilled in the present age Prophetic passages were fulfilled in the first century AD Prophetic passages are not time bound but teach general principles
  24. Match the following: Millennium is a future earthly kingdom that involves national Israel Millennium advances in this age as the gospel wins the world to Christ Millennium is a future earthly kingdom but Jesus also is reigning today Millennium is a spiritual kingdom in this age
  25. Hindson mentioned seven reasons why we should study Bible prophecy. List and explain four of these.
  26. Hindson mentioned seven things that are in your personal future as a believer. List and explain four of these.
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