THEO 630 Quiz Final

THEO 630 Quiz: Final

Module 1: Week 1 — Module 8: Week 8

  1. According to Dr. Hindson, eschatology is not a major part of the New Testament since so much eschatology exists in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.
  2. The lists of the twelve tribes of Israel found in Genesis 49; Ezekiel 48 and Revelation 7 are identical.
  3. Preterists and Futurists disagree on several things concerning Bible prophecy, but they agree that the antichrist figure mentioned in Daniel 9:27; 2 Thessalonians 2; and Revelation 13 has not arrived in any sense in history yet.
  4. According to dispensationalists, the 144,000 from the twelve tribes of Israel mentioned in Revelation 7 refer to Jewish believers in the coming seven-year Tribulation Period.
  5. The futurist view of Bible prophecy believes that the “abomination that causes desolation” spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24:15 was completely fulfilled with the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70.
  6. According to Craig Blaising, the coming of Jesus described in Matthew 24 not only involves the actual day of Jesus’ return to earth, but also involves the entire Day of the Lord.
  7. According to Barry Horner, the title “Israel” in the New Testament is sometimes used of the Christian church, including its Gentile members.
  8. Concerning Daniel 9:24, the Hebrew word translated “weeks” means what?
  9. Which of the following is NOT true about amillennialism?
  10. Which of the following has the most positive view concerning the Gospel transforming all aspects of society before the return of Jesus to earth?
  11. According to Jones, when was Jesus anointed?
  12. According to Dr. Hindson, Luke 24 reveals that all things in the Old Testament point to:
  13. Which position best represents Barry Horner’s view of the “all Israel” that “will be saved” in Romans 11:26?
  14. Which statement is most accurate concerning the rapture?
  15. In the Three Views on the Rapture book, which view best represents that presented by Douglas Moo?
  16. Which answer is most correct? According to Dr. Hindson, properly understanding eschatology involves studying:
  17. According to Hultberg, the Pre-wrath rapture positions rests on which two major theses?
  18. The word “millennium” is a Latin term which means:
  19. According to Jones, which city (or cities) has been put forth as legitimate options for what “Babylon” refers to in Revelation 17–18? (choose all that apply).
  20. Which rapture view (or views) believes that the church will be physically raptured from earth to heaven to escape God’s wrath on earth before Jesus returns bodily to earth (choose all that apply):
  21. Match the following concerning views on the timing of fulfillment for events described in the Book of Revelation. Most or all events in Revelation will be fulfilled in the future Most or all events in Revelation are symbolic descriptions of events throughout church history Most or all events in Revelation were fulfilled in the first century AD Most or all events in Revelation are non- historical and represent general truths about God being victorious over evil
  22. Match the following Gentile empires with the corresponding statue elements from Daniel 2, as understood by most theologians: Chest and arms of silver Legs of iron Belly and thighs of bronze Head of gold
  23. Match the following events in Revelation with their place in the book of Revelation The Seven Trumpets The Seven Bowls The Seven Messages to the Churches The Seven Seals
  24. Explain two ways in which the Pre-tribulational rapture view differs from (1) the Pre-wrath rapture view; and (2) the Post-tribulational rapture view.
  25. Explain two ways in which amillennialism and postmillennialism are different. And list two ways in which amillennialism and premillennialism are different.
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