GLST 290 Quiz 5

GLST 290 Quiz 5 Liberty University

  1. Horticulturalists usually provide food for
  2. Some societies have no political organization.
  3. It is possible to wield power without having authority.
  4. Coercive power is always abusive.
  5. Generalized reciprocity requires written record-keeping of exchanges.
  6. The mode of subsistence that requires constant and intensive use of permanent fields for plant cultivation is
  7. Identifying and picking a fruit for food are considered by anthropologists to be an acts of production.
  8. Exercising power is almost always abusive.
  9. Chiefdoms and kingdoms have very similar structures.
  10. Tribes often form temporary regional alliances based on kinship and marriage.
  11. Horticulturalism has potential for greater social stratification than foraging.
  12. The most centralized form of political organization is
  13. Groups whose subsistence systems are primarily reliant on the use of herd animals are called
  14. Which subsistence system has the highest degree of egalitarianism and, conversely, the lowest level of specialization?
  15. People are never abused under band-level political organization.
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