GLST 290 Quiz 8

GLST 290 Quiz 8 Liberty University

  1. Before planting a church, a pastor uses ethnographic techniques such as participant-observation, informal interviews, and mapping to understand the area surrounding the church.  This is an example of
  2. Contextualization requires a missionary to fit the Christian message with the language and customs of a local culture.
  3. Anne Fadiman used ethnographic skills to tell which story?
  4. A pastor may use pastoral anthropology to
  5. Early Christian anthropologists such as Ken Pike and Eugene Nida were experts in which subfield?
  6. Christine Jeske applied anthropology in understanding employment challenges in South Africa.
  7. Which of the following is NOT one of the three skills that the American Anthropological Association describes as helping anthropology students stand apart?
  8. What was the original intent of contextualization in missionary settings?
  9. Fitting the gospel with the language, idioms, customs and traditions of a culture so that Christianity becomes organically woven in with its new context is called
  10. Lamin Sanneh understandsthe multicultural nature of the gospel in part because he was raised in a Muslim family.
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