INDS 600 Quiz 7

INDS 600 Quiz 7 Liberty University

  1. Identifying the limitations of an interdisciplinary research study is:
  2. A narrative, or written story, is not a natural way that people think and thus is seldom used to communicate a new understanding.
  3. Cognitive advancement is not:
  4. _______________ is a self-conscious process that acknowledges the choices made and the impact of those choices, during an interdisciplinary research project.
  5. Reflecting on and identifying STEPS omitted or condensed:
  6. Testing a newly formed comprehensive understanding is a formal process. Whose test places a primary focus on creating a bridge between academia and the real world?
  7. By reflecting on what was learned from a project the author will identify all of the following except:
  8. According to Repko, development of a new product that integrates interdisciplinary understanding is:
  9. A ____________ brings out the defining characteristics of a new understanding without denying the conflict that may still exist within it.
  10. A fundamental skill for doing interdisciplinary work is the ability to integrate knowledge from various sources. A key cognitive skill to accomplish integration is:
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