BIBL 105 Quiz 4

BIBL 105 Quiz 4 Liberty University Answers

  1. Ezekiel saw the glory of God ___________.
  2. The prophet who announced the virgin birth was _____.
  3. The ram with the two horns in the book of Daniel symbolized _______________.
  4. The prophets emphasize our ___________ of/for Christ.
  5. Jeremiah expressed the tragedy in the book of ____________.
  6. Malachi predicted the prophet ___________ would come before the Messiah.
  7. The winged lion in the book of Daniel symbolized ____________.
  8. Haggai encouraged the Jews to ____________ the Temple.
  9. Malachi foresaw the ministry of John the Baptist.
  10. The Greek word used by Matthew and LXX to translate “virgin” was __________.
  11. Isaiah predicted the birth of ____________.
  12. Jeremiah was a ______________ prophet.
  13. Daniel and his friends were placed in a ____‐ year training program.
  14. Who was the prophet who saw wheels within wheels?
  15. Ezekiel last saw the glory of God on the Mount of ______________.
  16. Ezekiel predicted the future invasion of Israel by ___________.
  17. Daniel’s three friends were thrown into a _________.
  18. The Head of gold from the statue in the book of Daniel represented ________.
  19. Daniel interpreted the king’s dream about a great __________.
  20. Jeremiah predicted Judah would fall to Egypt.
  21. Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem for the first time in August _______________.
  22. Jonah was pleased with Ninevah’s repentance.
  23. Part of the book of Daniel is written in _______________.
  24. The Old Testament ends with the threat of a curse.
  25. Ezekiel preached to a valley of dry bones.
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