BIBL 105 Quiz 3

BIBL 105 Quiz 3 Liberty University Answers

Set 1

  1. One prerequisite to taking the Promised Land in Joshua 5 is that the Israelite men needed to _______.
  2. The book of Joshua ends with the record that Joseph’s ________ were buried in the Promised Land at Shechem.
  3. One debated point in the story of Jephthah is whether or not he ________ his own daughter.
  4. When he was called by God, Gideon was ________.
  5. One point of emphasis in the opening chapters of Joshua is the ________ of the people of Israel.
  6. The story of Ruth and Boaz illustrates the biblical concept of ________.
  7. Samson had a weakness for _______.
  8. The end of the book of Ruth notes that Ruth is in the genealogy of ________.
  9. Joshua’s encounter with the “commander of the LORD’s army” in Joshua 5 points to the ________ nature of this person.
  10. According to Joshua 24, Abraham’s family worshipped _______.
  11. The “Writings” in the Hebrew canon include Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and ________.
  12. Biblical history is free of any theological interpretation.
  13. In the beginning of the book of Joshua, the Israelites miraculously cross the _______.
  14. According to _______ marriage, the next of kin was to marry the deceased widow and produce offspring to carry on the name of the deceased man.
  15. What group of sea peoples continually posed a threat during the period of the Judges and in 1-2 Samuel?
  16. The story of Israel’s survival after the Exile is told in ________.
  17. The book of Ruth is a romantic ________.
  18. What phrase is repeated throughout the book of Judges?
  19. One of the failures mentioned in Judges 1–2 is that the Israelites did not _______.
  20. One possible candidate for the authorship of Judges is ________.
  21. Boaz takes notice of Ruth’s ________.
  22. The “Former Prophets” in the Hebrew canon include Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and ________.
  23. The tension in the book of Ruth that must be resolved is that Boaz is not the ________.
  24. The termshophet (“Judge”) is closely related to the Hebrew term for ________.
  25. The book of Judges tells of Israel’s ________ in maintaining the land they had conquered.

Set 2

  1. The Proverbs often teach truths in a form of ______________.
  2. The theme of Job is _____________.
  3. The Poetic books express the __________ of/for Christ.
  4. Job is set in the ____________ era.
  5. Song of Solomon is a ____________ song.
  6. Proverbs teaches __________ truths.
  7. Even during times of suffering, Job continued to _______ God.
  8. Ecclesiastes is based on __________ investigation.
  9. Job’s _______ gave him poor advice.
  10. Psalms 22 predicts the ___________ of Christ.
  11. ___________ tried to provide a different perspective for Job.
  12. The division of the Psalms parallels the _______________.
  13. Hebrew poetry emphasizes ________________ of thought.
  14. The ___________ of the Lord is the “beginning of wisdom.”
  15. One of the most famous proverbs is about the _________ woman.
  16. Self ___________ is a key to wise living.
  17. Ecclesiastes wrestles with the meaning of ____________.
  18. Many of the Psalms predict the coming ____________.
  19. Qoheleth is the __________ name for Ecclesiastes.
  20. One of the major topics in Proverbs is the ______________.
  21. Proverbs teaches ___________ sayings.
  22. Ecclesiastes advises us to fear ______.
  23. Jesus is pictured as the living _________ in Job.
  24. The Psalms are _________ of praise.
  25. ____________ wrote most of the Psalms.
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