RLGN 104 Test 7

RLGN 104 Test 7 Liberty University

  1. True salvation requires
  2. The Bible does not contain examples of Christians affecting ungodly societies for the Kingdom of God.
  3. Religious liberty only covers your freedom to attend your choice of church service.
  4. Evangelism takes place in many forms, but must include the essential information for salvation.
  5. According to Hindson, since pastors and teachers in the church are to equip and train church members to serve, church leaders should be defined more like ________ rather than
  6. When sharing the Gospel Christians should take time to listen the person to better understand their life situation.
  7. The urgency of sharing the gospel should overwhelm the need to be caring or kind in your presentation to people.
  8. God’s Word is able to stand the test of any examination and scrutiny.
  9. As we learn truths from the Bible it is important that we share those truths with others.
  10. Churches need to do a better job merging spiritual needs with social and physical needs.
  11. It is important for Christians to have friendships with fellow believers so that they can encourage each another.
  12. The Bible commands people to obey their government in all situations except those that contradict one’s ability to obey God.
  13. According to Hindson, privatization of religion and the idea that humans should keep their religion to themselves has increased due to two facts. These are:
  14. What a Christian does is as important as what they say when it comes to sharing the goodness of God with others.
  15. Sharing the gospel message requires a lot of details and therefore you should always allow at least 30 minutes.
  16. In which passage did Jesus say, “Whatever you did for one of the lease of theses brothers of Mine, you did for Me.”
  17. The Bible commands people to obey
  18. Christians do not need to be concerned about the manner in which they present the gospel message.
  19. When someone understands how much you care for them it opens the opportunity to share the gospel with them.
  20. Even strong Christians can make mistakes and make poor choices so we should put our hope in the Lord (Jesus Christ) and not people.
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