MSCI 530 Quiz 3 Fasted State Metabolism

MSCI 530 Quiz 3: Fasted State Metabolism

  1. The non-reactive glucose moeity in the core of glycogen is covalently bound to this protein:
  2. This enzyme of the glycogenolytic pathway is absent in myocytes but present in hepatocytes;
  3. Which of these is not an expected feature of pyruvate carboxylase deficiency?
  4. Which of the enzymes of the gluconeogenic pathway is not utilized in glycolysis?
  5. Biotin is a co-factor required for the catalytic activity of this gluconeogenic enzyme;
  6. Which of these amino acids is not glucogenic?
  7. Which of these gluconeogenic enzymes is not located in the cytosol?
  8. Which of these is an essential fatty acid?
  9. These tissues are capable of fatty acid oxidation except;
  10. Which of these proteins is not involved in the transport of fatty acids across the cell membrane?
  11. The deficiency of this enzyme of fatty acid oxidation will result in impaired activation of fatty acids;
  12. A systemic deficiency of carnitine will most significantly impair the mitochondrial oxidation of this fatty acid;
  13. Which of these enzymes is required for the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids but not required for saturated fatty acids oxidation?
  14. Which of these products of odd-chain fatty acid oxidation is not formed when even-chain fatty acids are oxidized?
  15. Which of these is not true about ketones?
  16. The major site of ketogenesis is the;
  17. The liver is unable to metabolize ketones for its energy supply due to the absence of these enzyme;
  18. Lignoceric acid is a verl long cahin fatty acid whose oxidation is initiated in this organelle;
  19. The inability to oxidize phytanic acid due to the deficiency of peroxisomal alpha hydroxylase results in this disease;
  20. The life-threatening hypoglycemia that results from the consumption of unripe ackee fruits is caused by the inhibition of this enzyme;
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