STCO 348 Exam 1

STCO 348 Exam 1 Liberty University

  1. It is very important for brands looking to engage in social media to focus on broadcasting and promoting their message on these channels at every opportunity.
  2. Why are messaging objectives important?
  3. The process for creating a SMM plan includes all of these EXCEPT:
  4. When developing social media strategies, it is important that companies:
  5. Marketing investment in social media is forecast to increase.
  6. Only large corporations have been successful in measuring the return from their social media marketing efforts.
  7. “Big data” provides opportunities to perform behavioral targeting.
  8. Some of a brand’s most passionate advocates can start off as disgruntled customers.
  9. According to the text, SMM employs word-of-mouth marketing.
  10. Which rung on the Social Technographics Ladder represents the largest segment?
  11. Which of the 8 C’s refer to understanding the etiquette, nuances and spoken or unspoken rules of a particular social media platform?
  12. Which of the following is not considered a social media marketing goal?
  13. All of the following are key objectives of SMM EXCEPT:
  14. What is the primary lesson behind the “United Breaks Guitars” case?
  15. Social media marketing goals must be flexible because:
  16. In addition to the primary SMM objectives, other secondary objectives include all of these EXCEPT:
  17. Why is it considered important to focus on the buyer persona?
  18. The most popular uses for social media are brand awareness and building brand preference.
  19. What is a common issue with social media marketing plans?
  20. Which of the following is not one of the seven myths of SMM?
  21. Why is social media so attractive for consumers?
  22. A social media marketing plan does not require monitoring or adjustment during its implementation.
  23. The Forrester Social Technographics Ladder identifies personas based on both what they are doing on social media sites along with where they are doing it.
  24. Which of the following is one way to manage the time invested in social media marketing?
  25. Which group on the Social Technographics Ladder is identified as those that subscribe to RSS feeds?
  26. The only major platform to offer data based targeting options to brand pages is:
  27. What can be learned from listening includes all of these EXCEPT:
  28. Developing personas is an ongoing process that often requires that messages and content be adjusted as customer feedback is provided.
  29. Social media marketing is based on marketing principles that have been around for years.
  30. LinkedIn forbids self-promotion on its platform.
  31. Regarding SMM, which of the following is correct?
  32. Why is it important to listen to conversations about a brand?
  33. According to the text, social media is a part of a larger media ecosystem made up of:
  34. The Persona Development Cycle DOES NOT include:
  35. Which of the following is not part of the social media marketing planning cycle?
  36. Increasing search engine rankings and site traffic are two important goals for brands that social media marketing cannot help achieve.
  37. Why is the Social Technographics Ladder useful?
  38. A social media marketing strategy is something that should be developed to support a brand’s overall marketing plan.
  39. Once a fully-developed persona and marketing plan are developed, they can be used on many different platforms.
  40. The leading purchase influencer in four different countries is:
  41. In order to be a successful social media marketer, you need a number of technical and personal skills. Which of the following is not considered vital?
  42. Social media marketing is a form of what type of marketing?
  43. Google+:
  44. Which of the following is not an important aspect to social media marketing?
  45. Which is a true statement?
  46. According to the text, social media is only being adopted by younger populations.
  47. Which firm is credited with creating “the perfect business apology”?
  48. A “call to action” can be defined as:
  49. When developing personas it is important to identify all relevant personas by role.
  50. Which of the following is considered the earliest ancestor of social media?
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