MSCI 530 Quiz 5 Lipid Metabolism

MSCI 530 Quiz 5: Lipid Metabolism

  1. The hydrophilic domain of glycerophospholipids consist of phosphodiester bridges that link the hydrophobic domain to the hydroxyl group of one of these except;
  2. These phospholipids are asymmetrically concentrated in the inner membrae leaet except;
  3. Phospholipids in bile help to solubilize cholesterol and minimize the precipitation of cholesterol and gallstone formation.
  4. These enzymes are anchored to the plasma membrane by means of a glycosylphosphatidyl inositol except;
  5. The surfactant produced by Type II pneumocytes is largely composed of this phospholipid;
  6. Which of these phospholipids is wrongly paired with the enzyme/physiologic process it activates;
  7. Which of these phospholipid metabolites serves as an extracellular signaling molecule?
  8. This amino acid is used in the biosynthesis of ceramide;
  9. Which of these is used in the trapping of choline by non-hepatic cells for endogenous phosphatidylcholine synthesis?
  10. A deficiency of sphingomyleinase results in this disease;
  11. Eicosanoids are primarily synthesized endogenously from;
  12. Which of structures secretes prostaglandins into the semen?
  13. Which of these eicosanoids is not described as a slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis?
  14. Which of these prostaglandins can be employed in the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to its vasodilatory effects?
  15. Which of these is not described as a proteoglycan?
  16. The accumulation of this proteoglycan is characteristic of Maroteaux-Lamy disease;
  17. In Hunter disease (MPS II), the synthesis/activity of this enzyme is decient;
  18. The accumulation of ganglioside GM2 in neural tissues due to the deficiency of hexosaminidase A is characteristic of this disease;
  19. Which is not a physiologic function of proteoglycans in human metabolism
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