MSCI 530 Quiz 6 Steroids

MSCI 530 Quiz 6: Steroids/Nitrogen Metabolism

  1. Abetalipoproteinemia is a disorder of lipoprotein metabolism that results from a defect in this protein;
  2. In evaluating a diabetic patient who is taking Rosuvastatin to prevent atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease, which of these effects do you suspect will be most prominent;
  3. Hypocholesterolemia will not impair the synthesis of this lipid soluble hormone;
  4. In a patient who is taking a bile acid sequestrant to control his hyperlipidemia, which of these enzymes do you suspect will exhibit a significantly increased activity?
  5. The intermediates of endogenous cholesterol synthesis can also be used in the biosynthesis of these larger molecules except;
  6. In periods of starvation, human have the ability to metabolize cholesterol to CO2 and water for ATP generation.
  7. The most cholesterol-rich organ in the human body is the;
  8. The esterication of cholesterol molecules associated with HDL is mediated by;
  9. Dietary alpha-tocopherol is transported to the liver by:
  10. In steroidogenic tissues, cholesteryl esters in HDL is cleared by;
  11. The conversion of mature chylomicrons to chylomicron remnants is mediated by this protein;
  12. Which of these proteins is involved in the transfer of cholesterol from HDL to IDL;
  13. Which of these genes is defective in a patient with Tangier disease?
  14. Which of these conditions is least likely to result in vitamin D deficiency?
  15. Which of these is not a major nitrogenous compound that is excreted in the urine?
  16. The site of urea synthesis in humans is the;
  17. The generation of ammonium ions from amino acids is catalyzed by these enzymes except;
  18. Ammonia that enters the urea cycle for excretion comes from two sources – glutamine and ______?
  19. This enzyme is present in the kidneys and is highly active in chronic metabolic acidosis. It produces of ammonia which is used to remove H+ as ammonium ions in the urine?
  20. Which of these amino acids becomes dietarily essential in patients with carbamoyl phosphate synthase deficiency?
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